Things to Check Before Picking a Travel Buddy

There are numerous thrills of traveling solo but if you’re lucky enough to find a right companion to experience the joys of traveling as a pair, you will undoubtedly cherish those memories for life.

A good travel companion can turn an average experience into an upward ride by rubbing off their zeal on you. However, a wrong companion who has a few unbearable idiosyncrasies can turn your experience into hell.

Traveling with someone is the fastest and the easiest way of learning about their personality. Sometimes traveling is the best “relationship test” to check your compatibility with your potential life partner.

Just because a person is your close friend, a cousin or a sibling, doesn’t mean he or she will make an excellent travel buddy for your needs. Your potential travel buddy can be anyone – your better half, a friend, or even a stranger that you hit it off with while sharing a taxi. Your travel buddy doesn’t need to be “perfect” but he or she should match your mindset on some basic parameters.

01 | Budget

This is the most obvious and the most important point.  Is your potential travel buddy a resort-kinda-person or prefers staying in hostels?  It’s important to discuss the budget at the initial discussion stage so that you don’t end up wasting each other’s time. There are some people who avoid talking about money but it’s better to check expectations at this point so to prevent an uncomfortable situation at a later stage.

02 | Physical Activity Levels

If you enjoy hiking for a few hours to reach that perfect lagoon which you’ve been hearing about and your buddy wants to lounge around on the beach instead, it may not work out very well. Please pick a travel buddy who can match your physical activity levels so that you both don’t end up leaving each other alone on most occasions to do your thing.

03 | Pace

If your buddy likes taking things easy and is happy exploring only one attraction a day, however, you have an endless list of things which you absolutely don’t want to miss; it may result in a conflict. Your buddy can end up making you feel restless while he or she spends an unusually long time to get ready for that “one attraction for the day” while you wait at the reception and make a mental note to not to travel with that person ever again. Not everyone has the same pace, so it’s a good idea to get a sense of your potential travel buddy’s pace before you travel.

04 | Purpose

Many people, especially close friends make the mistake of assuming the purpose of travel – please don’t! Be very clear about it from the beginning.  If your purpose is adventure and your buddy’s purpose is to party, it may just work well together occasionally but not every time. If you’re planning an early morning scuba dive and your buddy wants you to be his or her wingman for a party, it will not end favorably for either one or the both of you.

05 | Conversations

You will be spending many long hours in each other’s company while you’re waiting for your flights, sitting next to each other in a bus, eating many meals together and standing in long queues, so please do yourself a favor and pick someone that you enjoy talking to. If your buddy and you have never had a decent conversation except for some small talk before the trip, don’t expect things to magically change overnight.

06 | Space and Independence

Travel with someone who is independent and who gives you your space.  You don’t want a clinger. If you’re flirting with that cutie in a bar that you’ve been eying, but your friend doesn’t let go of your arm, then maybe you’ve made a wrong choice. Do travel with a friend who doesn’t give you hell for when they have to be alone in certain situations.