Natural Pools That Are So Spectacular That You’ll Want to Take a Dip

Do you love to swim? We do too! We prefer to ditch the conventional swimming pools and are guilty of spending HOURS swimming in waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, lagoons, etc. A bath in a natural swimming hole is a fun way of becoming one with nature.

Let’s take a look at 50 spectacular natural pools from around the world. Some of these spots involve getting off the beaten path, but the picturesque rewards are worth the effort.

1) A waterfall with a private natural pool in South of the El Yunque rainforest (Puerto Rico)

This beautiful, private natural pool and waterfall in the El Yunque rainforest is only accessible by private trails leading from the few houses in the area. I stayed at one of them that is now a bed and breakfast called Casa Flamboyant, which had two trails on the property to two different natural pools!

2) Lagoon on Secret Beach, Goa (India)

It’s unique because of the lagoon which is a sweet water, or fresh water, lake so near to the ocean in South of goa. The huts the line each side are simple and sweet and it is the perfect place to relax. The beach is called Cola beach.

3) Kawasan Falls in Cebu (Philippines)

After a three hour trek through a river with the bluest water I’ve ever seen, we reached this paradise in the Phillipines. We had to jump and slide off at least five different waterfalls and maneuver our way through rocky terrain, which was 80 percent water. The journey enough to get here was already an unforgettable experience, but reaching Kawasan waterfall and jumping in its turquoise water was definitely one for the books.

4) Nanda Blue Hole, Santo (Vanuatu)

Following our University graduation my best friends and I treated ourselves to a P&O South Pacific Cruise. Our first stop was beautiful Santo in Vanuatu. We spent the day exploring the island and our favorite place was Nanda Blue Hole. A stunning, magical blue hole located in the middle of the island. The blue hole is filled cool, fresh water and is colored the most beautiful of blues! It is an incredible feeling to be swimming in fresh, clear water surrounded by natural rainforest!

5) Kikuletwa Hotsprings, near Moshi (Tanzania)

This beautiful oasis is completely off the beaten track, hidden away among twisting fig trees in the middle of a dusty landscape. The crystal clear waters are a lovely warm temperature making it the perfect place for a relaxing dip. You can even get a free fish pedicure with all the tiny fish that nibble away at your feet (you’d pay a lot for that in the UK!)

6) Akchour Waterfalls near Chefchaouen (Morocco)

A 30 minute grand-taxi ride and 2 hours hiking will bring you to the stunning waterfalls of Akchour. Water bursts through forested cliffs and crashes into a deep, turquoise plunge pool. A perfect place to cool off and lounge in the sun after a long hike through the beautiful Rif mountains of northern Morocco.